Disposable products for the beauty industry
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Neck strips

Spunlace neck strips

Neck strips of spunlace nonwoven fabric in boxes (50pcs).
Used in hair cutting and coloring. Wrapped around the client's neck under a cutting cape thus providing snug fit of a cutting cape to the neck. They protect hair from getting on your clothes, are pleasant to touch and do not rub the neck, they are also used to ensure hygienic safety in contact with reusable cutting capes.
They do not cause allergies.
Made of viscose.



Neck paper

Disposable neck crepe paper with an adhesive layer. Designed to prevent cusomer's skine from contacting with a reusable cutting cape.
Paper has  high elasticity up to 200%. The adhesive layer can withstand considerable stress at break. This paper holds moisture well thus it neither gets wet and nor creates discomfort for a client while cutting. Paper is wound on a plastic bobbin, which makes it more comfortable when using a plastic box for paper. 100pcs/roll. Packaged 5 rolls per pack.
Neck paper is well fixed, does not irritate skin.


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