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Feel the comfort with TM Etto towels Feel the comfort with TM Etto towels
Etto TM disposable towels are made of non-woven material - spunlace, based on a combination of polyester and viscose fibers using CROSS-LAPING technology (fibers are located perpendicular to each other). Etto TM disposable towels are durable and soft to the touch, made in sizes 40x70 cm and 50x80 cm in rolls with perforations and packed in stylish packaging of 50 and 100 pieces. The assortment of TM Etto includes towels of white and black color, of various textures - plain, mesh and pearl.
Material Spunlace. What is special? Material Spunlace. What is special?
Spunlace is a non-woven material made by interweaving viscose, polyester, cellulose, and polypropylene fibers under high-pressure water streams. Spunlace is widely used in institutions where sanitary and hygienic standards are observed and the comfort and safety of their customers.
Bedsheets with perforation Bedsheets with perforation
Recently, it is impossible to imagine the work of the beauty industry without the use of disposable products. Disposable bedsheets are an important aid in the provision of services, as institutions strictly adhere to sanitary and hygienic standards and monitor the safety and comfort of their customers. Disposable bedsheets are widely used in cosmetology and massage rooms, spa salons.
Art is ETTO.UA Art is ETTO.UA
All of us are anticipating New Year’s holidays, looking for gifts, thinking about closing work projects of the past year, thinking about the New Year’s menu and purchasing products, etc. ... Pleasant, but tiresome bustle.
Touch the art with TM Etto Touch the art with TM Etto
We invite everyone who wishes to visit the exhibition of the best works of Ukrainian artists about the topic "Woman. Beauty. Harmony", which will be held at the Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery from December 23 to 27, address: str. Saksaganskoho, 59B, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Free entrance.
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