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Salon procedures that cannot be done in the spring

Salon procedures that cannot be done in the spring

20 May 2024

In spring, when nature awakens to new life, our skin also needs special attention and care. As a manufacturer of high-quality disposable products for beauty salons and aesthetic cosmetology clinics, we understand how important it is to provide the right advice and tips to our customers - cosmetologists, manicurists and pedicurists, massage therapists, hairdressers, owners of tanning studios, and SPA centers. So, allow us to share with you a list of salon treatments that are best left off for other times of the year to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your client base.

1. Peelings with acids.

When the skin becomes more sensitive due to changes in environmental conditions, it is worth refraining from procedures using aggressive peelings with acids. They can cause irritation and redness of the skin, especially if patients are already prone to allergic reactions.

2. Deep cleansing of the face.

It is not recommended to perform a deep cleansing of the face, which can lead to irritation and drying of the skin. Instead, opt for gentler treatments that will preserve the skin's natural balance.

3. Intensive body massage.

In the spring, when the body is recovering, massage therapists should refrain from intensive massages, especially on tired muscles. This can lead to injuries and discomfort for customers.

4. Experiments with hair.

At a time when the hair becomes susceptible to the influence of humidity and wind, it is better to refrain from radical changes in hairstyle or coloring. The scalp can become more sensitive, and the hair - dry and brittle, so you should be careful about any chemical effects on the hair.

5. Procedures using paraffin.

When the skin becomes less dry and needs less moisturizing, it is better to refrain from procedures using paraffin. High temperatures can irritate the skin and cause inconvenience to customers.

Therefore, you should remember the peculiarities of each season and the natural changes that occur in the body in the spring period. In the spring, skin and hair need special attention and care, it is better to choose procedures that will not only support their health and beauty but also ensure comfort and safety for your customers

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