Disposable products for the beauty industry

A safe analogue of reusable bath towels is the Fit & Spa disposable towel!


Disposable bath towels are a great alternative 🔄 to terry reusable towels, the use of which is prohibited 🚫 in gyms and fitness centers during the quarantine period ️ (according to the resolution of the Ministry of Healthcare of May 26, 2020, No. 28).


The main advantages of Fit & Spa towels are that they are:


big (140 х 70 cm)

quick drying

super absorbent (400 ml of water in 5 seconds)

safe for the skin


not prohibited for use


The Fit & Spa towel is versatile in use, so it is ideal for:

🏋  gym

🏊  pool

🧖  sauna

💆   spa

🏖    beach

🏬   hotel

🧳    trips

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