Disposable products for the beauty industry


Modern professionals use disposable bedsheets as bedding material for cosmetic and other rejuvenating procedures. Our company produces disposable bedsheets under Etto TM exclusively of three layer nonwoven SMS material. Bedsheets of SMS in comparison with spunbond have better protective properties, do not leave lint, due to their softness and elasticity they provide with more pleasant contact with skin and due to the internal layer they do not let bacteria, which provides with maximum protection and comfort during cosmetic procedures. The range of Etto TM bedsheets is characterized by various colors, universal sizes and excellent aesthetic look.

Benefits of Etto bedsheets

Etto bedsheets are:

Etto bedsheets are made of SMS-fabric - high technology combination of three layers making bedheets:


SMS-material not only efficiently protects from the smallest bacteria and microorganisms but prevents from their expansion.


In order to produce our bedsheets we use only natural materials. Etto bedsheets are hygienic and hypoallergenic, ideal in applying in any cosmetic procedures and all types of skin even very sensitive.


The unique composition of the material assures free air circulation providing with the maximum comfort during procedures. Due to their three layer structure Etto bedsheets do not break and do not lose their shape.


Keeping strong and high barrier properties Etto bedsheets are practically weightless and soft in touch just like silk. This is what without doubts makes Etto bedsheets a leader in application comfort. One more essential advantage of Etto is that our bedsheets do not leave lint even on wet skin.


The color variety of Etto bedsheets will satisfy the most pretentious whims. The bedsheets color will emphasize your salon unique style or will express rainbow of the master's mood.


TM Etto disposable sheets

All people eventually turn to specialists for help to improve their health or to get diagnosed. Sometimes, you have to visit massage therapists and beauticians unscheduled. In practice, in all rooms, sheets are used for procedures. They are necessary in order to cover the surface on which the procedure will be directly carried out. Disposable sheets have found their way around the world. But, unfortunately, in Ukraine, not all specialists use this convenient material yet.

Disposable massage sheets are very popular among professionals. They are very convenient to use. Massage sheets have the following benefits:

TM Etto massage sheets are used as bedding material in many professional beauty salons and clinics. Also, disposable sheets can be used in solariums and spa centers. Girls tend to like to visit beauty salons several times a month. In order to ensure comfort during the procedures, it is necessary to use only disposable products. Unfortunately, not all salons and medical institutions use disposable sheets.

Customers are always pleased to be in the salon, where it is clean and tidy. The use of disposable materials guarantees the hygiene of the procedures. Throw away sheets after each client. In some cases, specialists change it several times during a session in order to deliver maximum comfort to the visitor.

TM Etto disposable sheets have a very good appearance. This product is available in rolls. This makes it very easy to lay the sheet on the couch and change it if necessary. A variety of colors allows you to choose the color that is well suited to the room interior. Disposable sheets in rolls are convenient to cut as needed, adjusting the desired size is easy without outside help. The width of the disposable sheets is 60 and 80 cm. Rolls are sold in lengths of 100 and 500 m. Depending on how intensively the sheets are used, you can choose the required length. TM Etto sheets are of very high quality. They are made from a three-layer material called SMS. If we decompose this material into components, it turns out that the bottom layer is a spunbond ball, the middle layer is a meltblown ball, and the top layer is a spunbond ball. Spunbond prevents the penetration of microorganisms and various bacteria. It absorbs moisture well and keeps it inside. At the same time, breathability remains at a high level. The middle layer, meltblown, is a very delicate material that has a high filtering capacity. The non-woven material SMS consists of polypropylene fibers, which indicates its high quality. Such material is used not only for the production of disposable sheets. It is also used to make wipes, baby diapers, and disposable towels. Disposable clothing for medical personnel is also made from this material. SMS is used in the manufacture of disposable underwear throughout the world. This material has proven itself very well and has been tested in practice by thousands of companies.

The company that manufactures TM Etto disposable products has been on the market for more than 10 years. All buyers who used the services of this company were very satisfied. You can buy disposable sheets in bulk, at a good price. You can buy TM Etto products in almost every region of Ukraine. Shops that sell disposable products specialize in selling beauty products. Kyiv, as a large metropolis, consumes disposable products, including disposable sheets, in large quantities. Specialists in the capital strive to do everything possible to attract new customers to the salons. And the use of high-quality disposable materials increases the chances of success. Large quantities of disposable sheets are purchased in Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and other cities. The entrepreneur and the owners of beauty salons understand that it is very difficult to win the trust of customers without such materials. You can buy disposable sheets in specialized stores. A list of these stores can be seen on the TM Etto website. The map shows where you can buy and order products in the cities of Ukraine. Some of them have several shops. You can call the indicated phone numbers and check the availability of goods.

Every year, hygiene and safety during procedures in medical institutions and beauty salons come to the fore. Customers can be protected by disposable products for beauty salons. Disposable sheets have a soft and pleasant structure. After the procedures, positive emotions and comfort of clients are guaranteed.



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