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Disposable wipe for massage table headrest

Special wipes for the massage table will enhance the client’s need for a sense of security and cleanliness. Soft and durable yet breathable. Lint-free and soft as silk, they are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin even with prolonged contact.

TM Etto lint-free manicure wipes (5 * 5 cm)

Nail wipes in a box.
  • are ideal for removing sticky layer or varnish;
  • gently and quickly remove varnish;
  • do not leave villi and do not scratch the nail surface;
  • are completely hygienic.


Are recommended for nail technicians.

Nitrile Gloves Blue / White:


Beautician's hands are a very important tool in his/her work. They must be protected using protective means when working with aggressive cosmetic products (cleanser, acid peels, disinfectants and other substances), as well as during injection techniques, depilation and sugaring.

Nitrile medical gloves are highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, oils. Nitrile gloves do not irritate hands skin and protect it from agressive enviroment.

Nitrile gloves are general purpose, provide a high level of comfort and protection and are characterized by excellent performance.

Advantages: Do not contain natural rubber latex and rubber, which prevents allergies. Have no talc (powder), which minimizes the skin drying effect. Gloves have a smooth surface that provides excellent sensitivity. The relief surface of fingertips provides more secure grip.

The cuff embossed pattern provides increased strength and wearing comfort. They are universal for both hands. Color is white. The sizes are XS, S, M, L. 100pcs/10boxes/ctn.

Foil in boxes with a cutting line:


Hairdressing foil for highlighting is typically used when coloring in several tones or coloring long and medium hair. Short hair highlighting is usually done with special caps for dyeing (catalog).

Professional hairdressing foil for highlighting has the standard width of 12cm and different lengths of winding: 50m, 100m

The standard density of hairdressing foil for highlighting is 14mc. Highlighting foil can be smooth or embossed. Due to the foil embossed surface when highlighting the dye better keeps on hair, foil does not slip allowing to carry out highlighting or multicolor dyeing on short hair.

Highlighting foil is packaged in a colorfully decorated box with a metal cutting line with which a master can quickly and precisely cut the required amount of foil when dyeing.

Hair removal strips in rolls / packs:

Depilatory paper in 100m rolls
Depilatory paper based on non-woven fabrics of increased strength is used for wax depilation procedures. Density and composition are specially selected for better paper adhesion to wax. Wax is removed completely without residues causing minimum discomfort. Depilatory paper in rolls and packs is designed for use by professional cosmetologists, wax depilation specialists.
- Density 100 g/sq.m .
- Nonwoven basis provides with added strength and softness

- 100m and 50m rolls

- 100pcs/pack.

Disposable caps:

Disposable white cap. Made of 100% polypropylene non-woven lint-free material on double elastic bands. It has good breathability along with dustproof properties, causes no allergic reactions, keeps water well and prevents from mechanical contamination. Regardless of the product density this type of caps is considered especially light without losing quality characteristics of use. Caps are necessary hygiene means and promote compliance with the sanitary regime requirements.

Caps hold hair in cosmetic procedures well when working with face thereby providing masters' convenience. They protect hair from UV rays in solaria, protect hair from drying out and as a consequence from their dullness and brittleness.

Caps have a shape of compact "sticks", which results in raised strips along the whole surface after opening.
Weight: 14g/sq.m.
Color: White, Blue, Pink, Green.
Packing: 100 pieces in a plastic bag.

Polyethylene shoe covers:


Shoe covers are disposable and made ​​of polyethylene. Distinctive consumer characteristics are their low price. They serve for short-term use, ensure cleanliness and hygiene, prevent from penetration of dirt and microorganisms from shoes and feet. Shoe covers are disposable and made of texturized polyethylene which results in their high mechanical strength and absolutely non-slippery properties.

Shoe covers are quite popular hygiene supplies. In practice shoe covers have shown themselves to advantage.

Using such shoe covers will help meet hygiene requirements and will also save time on cleaning rooms if they leave them clean.
Packing: 100 pieces in a plastic bag.

Disposable slippers

Disposable slippers have good breathability; at the same time, they are highly water-repellent, providing protection against infections and fungi. The absence of lint on the material eliminates a possible allergic reaction.

Disposable slippers are ideal for:

  • beauty salon,
  • sauna,
  • swimming pool,
  • SPA.


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