Disposable products for the beauty industry

Spunlace nonwoven fabric


When producing spunlace they use a modern technology of natural cellulose processing, which makes it possible to obtain products that replace medical gauze and cotton wool and surpass the latter in some properties such as absorbency.

The spunlace composition is up to 80% viscose fibers and 20% polyester fibers. Specially created proportion of two components has allowed receiving chemically clean material that is safe in medical use with the surface density of 40-100g/m2 depending on its purpose.

The material lint-free structure allows making any shapes and sizes - from tampons and wipes to outfits for surgeons.

If necessary material is well sterilized. Spunlace nonwoven fabric is used to produce clothing for doctors and patients, surgical and obstetric kits and other related materials - wipes, bedsheets, sponges.

Spunlace products have been tested in many leading hospitals and institutions, which confirmed high efficiency of their use. During medical tests they have determined toxicological properties, products use convenience, wearing comfort. They have not recorded allergic skin reactions. Bathrobes are air permeable, resistant to effect of extraneous liquids.

Spunlace use also allows producing a sufficient amount of related materials - bedsheets, medical pillowcases, mattress covers, towels, dental rolls and wraps.
Due to convenience and practicality of spunlace use its range of application is very wide.

In production of Etto TM disposable products  they use only cross* spunlace.

* Cross spunlace is shortened from cross lapping spunlace. In this type of fabric they use a crosslapper that lays fibers perpendicular to each other in the so-called perpendicular orientation. This increases strength properties of the material, especially in the transverse direction.


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