Disposable products for the beauty industry


Creation of nonwoven fabrics in the world might be the most promising direction in textile industry. The scope and growth rate of their production is far higher than in other sectors of textile industry, such as woven and knitted fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics production in the world over the last 10 years has increased almost 3 times, it amounted to more than 3 million tons per year in 2012 and is mainly concentrated in Western Europe, USA, Japan and China.

This peculiarity is explained by the fact that nonwoven fabrics production is based on the shortest and cheapest way to get a wide range of textile cloths from raw materials to finished products. Rapid development of nonwovens abroad is contributed to creation of high-performance methods of their production, such as:
  • From polymer melting (Spunbond)
  • From polymer blowing (Meltblown)
  • From fibrous linen binding with water jets (Spunlace)


Nonwoven fabrics are environmentally friendly and are used in such medical areas that require sterility and protection of personnel and patients: gynecology, obstetrics and surgery.

Protective properties of nonwoven fabrics obtained by coating with polymer films are particularly important for surgical purposes.


They produce both sterile disposable clothing and non-sterile clothing, and bed linens for individual use and much more of nonwoven fabrics.

Taking their distinctive properties and cloth lint-free texture in consideration, non-woven products are widely used in production of absorbent wipes and towels for hairdressing salons, bedsheets and wipes for cream removal for massage parlors, solariums.


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