Disposable products for the beauty industry

Spunbond laminated

(Used in production of oil and water resistant bedsheets under Etto TM)

Spunbond nonwoven fabric is two-layer material laminated on one side with a dense layer of polypropylene.

Laminating with polypropylene coating gives the material more protective properties making iwater- and air proof. The material weight is 30-45g/sq.m. Bonding of spunbond and polypropylene layers is made under great pressure and at high temperatures, it allows avoiding exfoliation.

Laminated spunbond stops moisture. Laminated spunbond inside retains the spunbond look and structure while this material outside is smooth and flat. Laminated spunbond is harder and stronger, products made of it stop air and water. The material is used in production of bedsheets in obstetrics, gynecology, cosmetology, it is especially common in wrapping procedures.


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