Disposable products for the beauty industry

Application scope


Universal properties of fabrics provide almost the whole range of needs in cosmetics, medicine and everyday life. Scope of application of Etto TM products is beauty salons, hair salons, fitness centers, hotels, saunas, spas, medical offices and health centers. Etto TM products guarantee hygiene, convenience, economy, comfort for professionals and their clients. Etto TM offers the following:

  • to beauticians - moisture absorbing wipes and towels of various sizes and textures for cosmetic procedures, three-layer and laminated bedsheets for cosmetic chairs;
  • to manicurists and pedicurists - nail polish remover wipes, cleaning towels, for manicure tables;
  • to masseurs - bedsheets for massage tables, couches, oil and sweat wipes;
  • to hairdressers - moisture absorbing towels, wipes, neck paper;
  • to customers - bouffant caps, slippers, shoe covers;
  • to tan studios and SPA-centers - towels, sheets, sanitary wipes, mats, cloth for lamp cleaning;
  • to medical institutions - bedsheets, towels, hygienic wipes for various surfaces cleaning, caps, slippers, shoe covers, masks;
  • as cleaning material in all industries, including higher requirements of production purity (food, chemical industry, etc.), while cleaning rooms, service centers (dust removal from glasses, mirrors, panels, headlights, etc.), to clean various surfaces at home.


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