Disposable products for the beauty industry

Neck strips

Spunlace neck strips

Neck strips of spunlace nonwoven fabric in boxes (50pcs).
Used in hair cutting and coloring. Wrapped around the client's neck under a cutting cape thus providing snug fit of a cutting cape to the neck. They protect hair from getting on your clothes, are pleasant to touch and do not rub the neck, they are also used to ensure hygienic safety in contact with reusable cutting capes.
They do not cause allergies.
Made of viscose.



Neck paper

Disposable neck crepe paper with an adhesive layer. Designed to prevent cusomer's skine from contacting with a reusable cutting cape.
Paper has  high elasticity up to 200%. The adhesive layer can withstand considerable stress at break. This paper holds moisture well thus it neither gets wet and nor creates discomfort for a client while cutting. Paper is wound on a plastic bobbin, which makes it more comfortable when using a plastic box for paper. 100pcs/roll. Packaged 5 rolls per pack.
Neck paper is well fixed, does not irritate skin.


TM Etto disposable collars

All residents of large and small cities visit hairdressers. Men, women, and children want to look good, and a good master will help them with this. The stylist will be able to choose an irresistible image for the bride and creatively cut even the most demanding client. To facilitate the work of hairdressing masters, many different tools were invented. Among them, one can distinguish disposable collars. Hairdressing collars have been used in beauty salons for a long time. Without them, it would be much more difficult for professionals to keep their clients’ skin clean. Disposable collars help the masters maintain hygiene on the client’s body.

The use of disposable collars will enable

The company, which is engaged in the production of disposable products for beauty salons and other institutions under the TM Etto, has been operating on the market for more than 10 years. The company cooperates with the world’s leading manufacturers. Only new equipment is used in production. All products made of non-woven materials TM Etto are safe and hypoallergenic. The excellent appearance of the product makes it even more pleasant to use. A wide range of products allows each salon to choose the right products. A variety of colors can complement the interior of the room in which cosmetic and other procedures will be carried out. Among all the products that are produced under the TM Etto, hairdressing collars for are especially popular.

TM Etto hairdressing collars are of two types:

Disposable haircut collars can be purchased at specialized stores. In almost every region, there are shops where you can buy products of TM Etto. Addresses and phone numbers of stores can be found on the company’s website. You can order products directly in the store; before that, it is advisable to check the availability by phone. Hairdressing collars, the price of which is quite low, will help specialists work in more comfortable conditions. Many salon owners buy hairdressing collars in bulk. Such a purchase allows you to make a certain stock of goods and get an additional discount.

Collars for haircuts, the price of which is quite justified, will give additional comfort to clients and visitors to beauty salons.


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