Disposable products for the beauty industry


Using disposable wipes of moisture absorbing material has become an obligatory condition of high quality and comfortable work of a modern professional in the beauty industry. Etto TM wipes are applied in most cosmetic procedures, manicure, pedicur, body cleaning from cosmetic preparations, for hygieneic purposes. They are made of soft lint-free material of natural ingredients and have high moisture absorbing capacity, easily draped, comfortable in use, help keep cleanness and safety. They are made in a wide size and price range that allows selecting the best option for each master.

Benefits of Etto wipes


Due to its composition Etto is an ideal combination of viscose and polyester. Only such a combination provides with an incredible fusion of softness and lightness of the material together with its strength.


Cross-lapping is a breakthrough in the cosmetology world. Fibers in Etto wipes are perpendecular to each other. This is what provides unmatched strength of the material. Etto wipes do not stretch, do not lose their shape, which is important for most cosmetic procedures.


High density of the material provides with optimum absorbent properties. Etto wipes instantly absorb most moisture. Try to compare it yourself to see this.



Etto wipes combine high strength and density, at the same time they ensure free air circulation without disturbing oxygen to get to the skin.


Etto wipes are made of natural ingredients and do not leave lint on a wet body. Etto wipes are hygienic and hypoallergenic for all skin types.


TM Etto wipes

Professionals who work in medical institutions and beauty salons around the world use disposable products for various procedures. The use of disposable materials guarantees the safety and cleanliness of each client. In order to maintain hygiene at a high level, it is necessary to monitor consumables and equipment carefully. If specialists use ordinary cotton towels during work, then they must be washed and treated with special disinfectant solutions after each client, at the end of the working day. As practice shows, such a procedure takes a lot of time and effort. You will also have to spend a lot of money to purchase the necessary laundry detergents. To get out of this situation, they began to use disposable wipes. Wipes are used by specialists in many industries.

Usage of TM Etto wipes

Most often they are used:

TM Etto disposable wipes are made from natural ingredients. The combination of viscose and polyester makes the product incredibly soft, but at the same time durable. TM Etto disposable wipes pass air well. Due to this, the skin does not fade and constantly breathes. After use, wipes do not leave lint on the body. They are suitable for everyone to use. Any type of skin accepts the material well without any irritation. TM Etto hypoallergenic wipes will not be able to harm your health. The company has been producing wipes and other products for over 10 years and managed to win the trust of customers. The priority direction of the company, namely the production of disposable products for beauty salons, spa centers, solariums, and medical institutions under the TM Etto proves that these products are necessary. Today, it is difficult to do without disposable materials. TM Etto disposable wipes are available in different colors. You can easily choose the right shade for a beauty salon. The standard color is white, it is the most popular. Disposable wipes are available in rolls and packs of various sizes. Specialists can choose the most suitable size for use at work. Spunlace disposable wipes are useful in any household. The unique non-woven material makes the product pleasant to the touch, does not tear when stretched, and can absorb a fairly large amount of water.

You can buy disposable wipes in specialized stores, which are available in almost every region. On the company’s website, you can see the addresses of stores and contact numbers. You can order products by phone or directly in the store. It is profitable to buy disposable wipes in bulk. You can save money and be sure that you have a sufficient stock of goods. Customers and visitors will not be left without disposable consumables. By purchasing TM Etto disposable wipes, you can immediately appreciate the high quality of products and ease of use. It will become much easier for salon employees to care for clients’ skin. Visitors will be happy to forego the use of cotton towels that have been washed more than once. Over time, all salons and medical institutions will switch to the use of disposable materials. Disposable wipes are one of the most necessary elements in the workflow of a specialist in the beauty and aesthetic medicine industry.




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