Disposable products for the beauty industry


Disposable towels made of nonwoven fabrics are an excellent alternative to conventional cotton towels. Due to natural ingredients in their compostion Etto TM towels provide the most pleasant tactile feelings.
The main advantages of disposable towels of Etto TM are lightness and easiness of use, high capacity to absorb and keep moisture in comparison with standard cotton and paper towels, saving, hygienic and hypoallergenic properties. The use of disposable towels of Etto TM significantly reduces washing and disinfection costs. Due to their high hygroscopicity disposable towels of Etto TM are widely used in beauty salons, aesthetic medicine centers, hair salons, tan salons, baths and at home. While visiting such a salon every customer gets a new towel that meets health and safety standards. If you use disposable towels of Etto TM, you are sure in cleanness and safety of the hygienic procedure. The range of Etto TM towles is characterized by various textures, convenient sizes, fabric quality and environment friendliness.




Benefits of Etto towels


Due to its composition Etto is an ideal combination of viscose and polyester. Only such a combination provides with an incredible fusion of softness and lightness of the material  together with its strength.


Cross-lapping is a breakthrough in the cosmetology world. Fibers in Etto towels are perpendicular to each other. This is what provides unmatched strength of the material. Etto towels do not stretch, do not lose their shape, which is important for most cosmetic procedures.


High density of the material provides with optimum absorbent properties. Etto towels instantly absorb the most moisture. Try to compare it yourself to see this.


Etto towels combine high strength and density, at the same time they ensure free air circulation without disturbing oxygen to get to the skin.


Etto Towels are made of natural ingredients and do not leave lint on a wet body. Etto towels are hygienic and hypoallergenic for all skin types.



More about TM Etto towels

In today’s world, everyone wants to look good and attractive. To do this, you need to look after your appearance and health. Some girls and men visit beauty salons daily. To keep your body in a good shape, you need to do exercises every day. As a rule, there is not enough time for classes, and people turn to specialists to undergo massage sessions and necessary procedures. In a sense, every resident of Ukraine has to visit beauty salons and hairdressers.

Before you go to a beauty salon, you need to ask about the products that are used in it. It is very important that all cosmetics and consumables are of high quality. Towels are used in every salon and medical facility. Today, disposable towels are gaining popularity. Disposable towels for beauty salons guarantee cleanliness and safety for visitors. Most often, disposable towels are used for such purposes:

Using TM Etto disposable towels

TM Etto disposable towels can be used for different purposes. Ease of use has already been appreciated by specialists throughout Ukraine. TM Etto disposable towels are made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials. The use of natural ingredients in the production gives a feeling of softness and comfort. The unique composition of viscose and polyester makes towels durable and lightweight. Free air circulation allows the material to breathe which is an additional comfort for customers when using towels. In TM Etto disposable towels, the fibers are arranged perpendicular to each other. Due to this, high durability of towels is ensured. They do not stretch or tear when used.

If you purchased disposable towels in rolls, then you can tear off the required number of towels as you use them. You will automatically get rid of the cost of washing and disinfecting towels. Disposable towels come in different sizes: 50 * 80 cm and 40 * 70 cm, 50 pcs. and 100 pcs. in rolls are among the most popular. You can choose such sizes that will be convenient for use by specialists working in salons and medical institutions. TM Etto disposable towels meet all sanitary and hygienic standards. You can buy disposable towels throughout Ukraine. In big cities, there are stores that specialize in selling TM Etto disposable products. You can order the necessary goods by phone or directly in the store. All addresses are presented on the company’s website.

Disposable towels for the hairdresser, the prices of which will surprise you, can be bought at any time. The money spent on towels will quickly return and take your salon to a new level. It is better to buy towels for hairdressing salons with a certain margin. Bulk buyers often receive discounts. You will be sure that clients will be provided with consumables. Disposable hairdressing towels are often used in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Kharkiv, and other big cities. And now it is becoming more and more difficult to find salons with ordinary towels, which is good news. Since the safety of customers and their health depends on it. Medical institutions and beauty salons abroad have long switched to using only disposable products. Ukraine is also striving for this, and in a few years, we will definitely be able to achieve such standards.



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