Disposable products for the beauty industry


Modern professionals use disposable bedsheets as bedding material for cosmetic and other rejuvenating procedures. Our company produces disposable bedsheets under Etto TM exclusively of three layer nonwoven SMS material. Bedsheets of SMS in comparison with spunbond have better protective properties, do not leave lint, due to their softness and elasticity they provide with more pleasant contact with skin and due to the internal layer they do not let bacteria, which provides with maximum protection and comfort during cosmetic procedures. The range of Etto TM bedsheets is characterized by various colors, universal sizes and excellent aesthetic look.

Benefits of Etto bedsheets

Etto bedsheets are:

Etto bedsheets are made of SMS-fabric - high technology combination of three layers making bedheets:


SMS-material not only efficiently protects from the smallest bacteria and microorganisms but prevents from their expansion.


In order to produce our bedsheets we use only natural materials. Etto bedsheets are hygienic and hypoallergenic, ideal in applying in any cosmetic procedures and all types of skin even very sensitive.


The unique composition of the material assures free air circulation providing with the maximum comfort during procedures. Due to their three layer structure Etto bedsheets do not break and do not lose their shape.


Keeping strong and high barrier properties Etto bedsheets are practically weightless and soft in touch just like silk. This is what without doubts makes Etto bedsheets a leader in application comfort. One more essential advantage of Etto is that our bedsheets do not leave lint even on wet skin.


The color variety of Etto bedsheets will satisfy the most pretentious whims. The bedsheets color will emphasize your salon unique style or will express rainbow of the master's mood.



TM Etto disposable sheets

Convenience and practicality together with disposable perforated sheets from Etto TM 

Products such as disposable sheets with perforations are gaining more and more popularity in the beauty industry. They facilitate the work of specialists because they allow them to maintain hygiene, and provide comfort for customers easily. Disposable sheets do not require care or prior preparation for use. Let's consider the features of these products in more detail.

Advantages of using Etto TM disposable sheets in a roll

Products have the following advantages:

- They allow easy and high-quality maintenance of cleanliness;

- Their use is hygienic and safe for the client;

- Products increase the wear resistance of furniture;

- Presented in different sizes and colors.

As mentioned above, the main functional purpose of a disposable sheet is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. It is enough to simply cover the required length of material on a couch or chair, and carry out the appropriate procedure. After use, it is necessary to remove the product and lay a new one. At the same time, there is no need to disinfect the couch or chair, because disposable sheets prevent the spread of bacteria.

Disposable sheets protect furniture from scratches, friction, and other mechanical damage, increasing the furniture's service life. The products also help to avoid dirt, so couches, chairs, massage tables, etc. keep their pleasant appearance for longer.

In addition, disposable sheets differ depending on the density, size, volume, and color, so everyone can choose a product according to their request. We recommend choosing Etto TM disposable sheets to get even more benefits.

Additional advantages of Etto TM perforated sheets

Etto sheets create triple protection, and comfort thanks to SMS material, which includes three layers:

- Spunbond;

- Meltblown;

- Spunbond.

Spunbond prevents the penetration of microorganisms, and also absorbs, and retains moisture well. It provides excellent breathability. Meltblown has inherent filtering properties, which is why in products the material is placed between two layers, which creates additional protection against bacteria.

The quality of disposable sheets is significantly increased because they are made of SMS material.

Products also:

- antistatic;

- breathable;

- anti-allergenic;

- pleasant to the touch.

It is worth noting that disposable perforated sheets are more convenient to use than ordinary ones in rolls - they are easy to measure and tear off, which ensures the economical use of the material.

You can buy a disposable sheet from Etto in rolls with a width of 60 to 80 cm. The length of the rolls is from 50 m to 500 m - choose depending on the intensity of use. The colors of the products are diverse, so you will be able to harmoniously complement the interior of the office.

Disposable sheets for massage

Why should massage parlors use disposable sheets for a couch or massage table? There are several reasons:

- improving the service and increasing the institution's competitiveness;

- increasing the comfort of the client, because he will have confidence in compliance with sanitary, and hygienic standards;

- saving time between procedures (because the product is easy to replace);

- the ability of the material not to pass moisture - it absorbs oils, and other aids used during massage.

Due to the last reason, disposable sheets are well suited for working with clients who are characterized by increased sweating, which creates comfortable conditions for both the master and the client. Therefore, anyone who works in the beauty field will find this accessory useful.

Where else are disposable sheets in a roll used?

The products are also actively used in the following institutions:

- solariums;

- beauty salons;

- baths and saunas;

- spa centers;

- etc.

A disposable sheet, the price of which depends on the size, and density, can be bought in any region. Etto TM products can be ordered with delivery across Ukraine. Increase the quality of service provision thanks to the use of modern materials from a proven manufacturer.


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