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Touch the art with TM Etto

Touch the art with TM Etto

23 December 2021

We invite everyone who wishes to visit the exhibition of the best works of Ukrainian artists about the topic "Woman. Beauty. Harmony", which will be held at the Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery from December 23 to 27, address: str. Saksaganskoho, 59B, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. Free entrance.

In October 2021, TM Etto announced a competition among female artists at the topic "Woman. Beauty. Harmony". The competition received more than 300 applications during a month. The selection of winners took place in several stages: the commission from the brand selected the first 50 finalists, and the world-renowned artist Mykhailo Deyak chose 14 winners.

The curator of the project, gallerist Lika Spivakovska, provided logic to the selected works and created the concept of the TM Etto brand calendar, which will become an annual tradition of the company.

The art pictures of the winners are not only placed in the calendar, but also purchased for the corporate collection, which will later travel to the company's offices around the world.

The exhibition consists of 14 works by Ukrainian artists. These works in different genres, techniques and artistic directions show how a woman artist is seen. What is its harmony? What is her beauty? The variety of plots is fascinating: the harmony is so diverse, and the beauty is individual.

The author's text has been preserved for each work: thanks to them, we can better understand the ideas of the artists, their special vision and the content embedded in the works.

TM Etto is a brand that creates products for individual beauty.

Starting at 2021, the company is collecting art created by women, supporting female artists and their talents. TM Etto makes the world better with its products and makes the world more beautiful by supporting art.

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