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History of permanent makeup

History of permanent makeup

18 September 2023

The history of permanent makeup dates back several decades and includes various stages of development and technological achievements. This process of specially applying make-up to the skin gained great popularity at different times and had different purposes and applications.

The idea of applying permanent makeup is not new and dates back to ancient times. Ancient civilizations such as Egyptian and Indian used natural dyes to decorate the face. It is known that ancient Egyptian women used henna to apply eye and lip makeup.

In the 1920s, permanent makeup became popular among actresses and models. During this period, the first methods and techniques for applying permanent make-up were developed. This was usually limited to the eyes and lips.

Permanent makeup received a new boost of popularity in the 1970s and 1980s thanks to the improvement of tattooing technology and the creation of specialized machines and needles for this procedure. Women increasingly used it to apply eyebrow, eye and lip makeup.

Today, permanent makeup remains a popular procedure for those who want to look well-groomed and expressive without spending a lot of time on daily makeup. Application technologies have become safer and more precise thanks to micropigmentation and microblading. This type of makeup is used to correct the asymmetry of the face, add expressiveness to certain areas and hide flaws. It is important to choose a qualified specialist to perform such a procedure, as it involves the introduction of pigments into the skin, and improperly performed permanent makeup can have negative consequences.

A big role in the safety of permanent makeup is played by the quality of disposable consumables used in this procedure. Tattoo artists can choose and buy disposable sheets, wipes, gloves, caps, etc. It is worth ordering disposable products to improve the image of the salon or master, and to ensure a sense of comfort, hygiene and trust among customers.

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