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Professional hair restoration techniques

Professional hair restoration techniques

27 September 2023

Hair restoration is a procedure to strengthen hair to improve their condition and appearance. There are many professional hair restoration techniques used in beauty salons. Here are some popular methods: 

Keratin hair restoration. 

This process involves applying a special keratin agent to the hair and exposing it to high temperatures or using infrared devices. Keratin is a protein that is normally found in the structure of hair, and this method helps to restore its structure, making hair smoother and reducing split ends. 

Botox hair. 

Similar to keratin restoration, Botox for hair uses a special product containing botulinum toxin. It affects the structure of the hair and helps to reduce split ends and fluffiness, makes the hair smoother and more elastic. 

Hair lamination. 

This procedure consists in applying a special laminating agent to the hair, which forms a thin film. It helps lock in moisture and provide shine to the hair, and also makes it more manageable. 

Collagen hair restoration. 

The procedure uses collagen - a protein that helps strengthen hair and improve its structure. Collagen products can be applied to the hair or injected into the scalp. 

Hot hair wrapping. 

This method involves applying a special product to the hair, after which it is wrapped in foil or other heat-resistant material. After that, the hair is heated using a hair dryer or other special devices. Hot wrapping helps to activate the effect of the product and improves the condition of the hair. 

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and their choice depends on individual needs and hair condition. It is recommended that you consult with a professional stylist or hair specialist to determine the best method for you. 

All of the above procedures for hair restoration require the use of disposable products, such as disposable capes, towels, hairdressing collars, gloves, foil. It is important for hair restoration specialists to buy disposable products and use them for procedures, as they provide comfort to the client and confidence in the hygienic services. 

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