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The history of massage

The history of massage

17 April 2024

Massage is not only a pleasant procedure but also an ancient practice that has its roots in the history of mankind. Its history is intertwined with the development of civilizations and is reflected in the traditions, and cultures of various peoples.

In different parts of the world, massage originated, and developed uniquely, adapting to the needs, and specifics of each culture. That is why massage has become an important component of the professional activity of many beauty specialists, aesthetic cosmetology clinics, tanning studios, and SPA centers.

The history of massage is extremely fascinating. Massage has long been considered an essential component of treatment. Already in ancient times, primitive people used massage as a means of treatment. Techniques such as stroking, and rubbing, initially arose instinctively and were used at the initial stages of the development of folk medicine.

It is very interesting to learn the origin of the word "massage". Some researchers believe that this word comes from the Arabic "mass" or "masch", which means "gently to press, touch", others from the Greek "masso" - "to squeeze with hands" and still others - from the Latin "massa" - "to stick to the fingers". Massage has been an important part of medical art since ancient times. The first massage techniques were described by Indians and Chinese.

In China, massage began to be used in the third millennium BC. There, it was used to treat rheumatic pains, sprains, fatigue, and muscle spasms. In one of the medical treatises of Ancient India, known as "Ayurveda," massage techniques used by Indians for various diseases are described in detail. At the same time, the whole body was kneaded - from the upper limbs to the feet. The Indians were the first to combine steam baths with massage.

Interestingly, in India and China, massage was performed by priests. In addition, schools were created in these countries where massage techniques were taught.

Massage in Ancient Rome and Greece. Different types of massage were described by Herodics and Hippocrates when massage was used for both hygienic and therapeutic purposes (diseases of joints and dislocations). Even then, it was recorded that some massage techniques can contribute to weight loss, while others do the opposite. The massage was carried out in baths, combining it with exercises of an active and passive nature, with massage with ointments and oils.

Ancient Greek doctors (Asclepiades) created their schools of massage in Ancient Rome. Since then, various types of massage have appeared: dry, and with the use of oils, strong and moderate, short-term and long-term. Massage was considered one of the main elements of Greek medicine.

In Ancient Rus, procedures aimed at hardening and massage were used. These included tapping, rubbing with a broom, and active movements. Among the ancient Slavs, this type of massage was called "horsetailing" and was described in the writings of Nestor. Slavs used rubbing joints, and kneading muscles for rheumatic pains, and injuries. At the same time, they rubbed ointments prepared based on various herbs and roots. Later, massage, and medical gymnastics began to be used on all continents.

Until the 11th century, there was no scientific basis for massage, and only in the seventies in Europe did the first clinical and experimental studies of massage appear. At the modern stage, due to its powerful effect on the body, massage is quite widely used in various fields.


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